ILWP Declaration


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“We the undersigned recognise and confirm that the indigenous peoples of West Papua have a fundamental right to self-determination under international law. We are committed to assisting the indigenous peoples of West Papua to exercise freely and peacefully their right to self-determination.

We are also committed to upholding, strengthening and preserving the fundamental rights and freedoms of the indigenous peoples of West Papua under international law. We call upon the international community of States and the United Nations to uphold the international rule of law.

We request indigenous peoples across the world to help the indigenous Papuan peoples to exercise peacefully their human rights.”


  1. Jennifer Robinson, Lawyer, Australia
  2. Melinda Janki, Lawyer, Guyana
  3. Charles Foster, Barrister, UK
  4. Mark Stephens, Lawyer, UK
  5. Geoffrey Robertson QC, Australia
  6. Professor Robert Fowler, Professor of Law, University of South Australia
  7. Gino Persaud, Attorney-at-law, Guyana
  8. Nigel Hughes, Attorney-at-law, Guyana 
  9. Teni Housty, Attorney-at-law, Guyana
  10. David Black, Solicitor, United Kingdom
  11. Benias Epe Peri, Principal Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  12. Jamela Ali, Attorney-at-law, Guyana
  13. Damien Ase, Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  14. Anne  Kajir, Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  15. Michael  Kume, Lawyer, Papua  New Guinea
  16. Ester Eaegaming, Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  17. Jack Nalawakua, Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  18. Rebecca Kwayaila, Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  19. Nina Atopare, Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  20. Can Okuk, Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  21. Louis Yandeken, Human Rights Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  22. Peti Lafama, Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  23. Paul J. Othas Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  24. Harold Viyogo, Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  25. Raymond Kuai, Lawyer, Papua New Guinea
  26. Maria Cruz, Lawyer, Puerto Rico, USA
  27. Jonathan Wilkinson, Barrister, United Kingdom
  28. Jo Wilding, Barrister, United Kingdom
  29. Leslie Kwaiga, Lawyer, Solomon Islands
  30. Jonathan Morrow, Attorney-at Law, USA
  31. Yosef Brittien, Lawyer, Vanuatu
  32. Fiona Lubett, Solicitor, Australia
  33. Glenn Osboldstone, Lawyer, Australia